We believe that everything we need to thrive and live our purpose with strength is already within us. Our challenge is to determine how to tap into those resources to find pain relief and stay pain free. We do this in a 3 part approach:

  1. Address immediate pain issues to help you move better.

  2. Learn good moving habits and retrain your brain to move better to keep the pain from coming back.

  3. Calm the nervous system down and learn to tap-in to your power

We help people who are in the healing process from surgery or acute injury, those with chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, those with stress related issues and people who just want to move better.



Ellie Calhoun is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Advanced Rossiter Practitioner and Instructor, Core Movement Integration Practitioner, who practices Neurokinetic Therapy and Breathing techniques. She is continually challenging herself to learn more about the body, movement and breathing so as to better help her clients. She works with each client as an individual with their goals and needs in mind whether its relaxation or support in healing, she can help.

Ellie is dedicated to helping people achieve a pain free body so they can gracefully and joyfully live life to the fullest. She believes that with the right tools, mindset and practice, we can move with ease and get better as we get older!